"Unto the least of these..."

Jesus had a beautiful saying, which goes something like this:

"Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me."

By "me" Jesus did not mean the historical figure. He meant the Christ Energy, which is inherent in all people and all things and is another name for the Mystery.

"Whatever you do unto the least of these, you do unto me."

That's such a beautiful saying. Because everything is a part of the whole, is the Whole itself in some mysterious way. Thus when we perform a kind or generous act toward any being whatsoever, we are doing it towards the Whole itself.

If you find a stray cat on the road and just give it a few kind strokes, you are stroking God in that moment, you are stroking the universe in that moment.

If you stroke a human being in some way, perhaps by pointing out a strength of theirs, perhaps by sincerely appreciating some quality of theirs—when you perform a kind or generous act—when you help to ease someone's journey through this life, no matter how "little" that kindness may be—we are doing it unto the One, that is, to ourself.

When we help ourselves by revealing a generous spirit towards the least part of Realtiy, that is, towards ourselves, we are being generous to ourselves. It becomes a tautology, ourselves to ourselves, itself to itself, the Mystery to the Mystery.

No moment of love or compassion or generosity or kindness is ever lost. Even the "least" of such acts is felt in the vibration of the universe, and contributes mightily towards the Whole, towards the Infinite Void, towards the Magnificent, towards Life, towards Creation, towards the Mystery. Ultimately, since the divine Melody is also "you," to you yourself.

We get in the moment of giving. We receive the universe's kindness in the very moment when we are kind to someone else. You can feel it! It's instant! We receive the generosity of reality in the very moment that we are generous to some least "part" of that reality.

We receive the love of existence in the very moment of loving anything or anyone "else" in existence. It's the same act!—in the very moment of flowing one way it also flows the other way.

Yes, it's instant karma. That's the way the Mystery is set up. What a beautiful way for existence to exist. And "you" are a "part" of it, angel! How fortunate you are!

"Rejoice in the way things are," said Lao-Tzu.

Rejoice with a grateful heart , , ,

rejoice! . . . rejoice! . . . rejoice! , , , rejoice!

—jim sloman, 12.26.06 for 2.1.07

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